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Welcome to the new  home for our superhero and more traditional comics publications! We decided to create this new branding to better reflect our growing product lines and provide Fans & readers with a clear understanding of the types of stories and characters to expect in our books.

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Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda

The O.G., Flagship Title!

This buddy-cop, superhero action-comedy is our most well-known property and a fan-favorite for Teen+ readers!

These two dorm-mates and childhood best friends each carry the weight of superheroic parental legacies, yet carry out their adventures with their own brand of justice while fighting over the important things like... pizza toppings?!

  • Volume one contains issues 1-3
  • Available as floppies and trade paperback
  • Written & Created by Charlie McElvy
  • Art by D.C. Stuelpner, John Rauch, HdE, Saul Shavanas, Ariel Medel, and dozens more!
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milestone in

It's Adventures in Superhero Babysitting!

Cole Morgan may not want to be the most powerful man in the universe, but he doesn’t have a choice. What he does next will be the Milestone that saves, or destroys, the entire world.

  • Written by Vito Delsante (Stray)
  • Art by Ariel Medel (Evil Ernie, Street Fighter vs TMNT)
  • Seven issue series
  • For fans of Ron Marz cosmic books, Grant Morrison, and John Byrne's Superman
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Great art and story, awesome character and world being built! if you haven't checked out Spider-Squirrel yet, You're kind of a d*ck!
-- Keith Champagne